When divorce and other family law challenges come into an individual’s or family’s life, it can be difficult to know where to turn. For many of us, our family life, our relationships with those we hold most dear, form the foundation of who we are.

Divorce and other family law matters challenge that foundation by redefining or helping to end those relationships.

A good family law attorney can do more than simply help you through the legally necessary steps for a divorce or other family law issue. A good family law attorney can help you understand the process you are going through and formulate positive goals that will help you work towards the life you want.

Experience and Skill Matter

At The Law Office of Ruth Lynn Estep, we have been providing our clients with exceptional family law representation for more than 15 years.You will receive the benefits of the extremely high standards we have set for ourselves, which includes both aggressive representation and highly creative problem-solving so as to have the ability to dissolve the relationship without destroying the assets the relationship created. We are committed to your well-being and to helping you secure the lives you are hoping to lead.

Our firm brings its experience, knowledge and skills to the aid of clients facing such issues as:

  1. Divorce and separation
  2. Child custody and parenting issues
  3. Prenuptial agreements
  4. Family law for entertainers
  5. Family law for executives and professionals
  6. Child protective services defense
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Estate planning
  9. Minor’s Counsel