The fact is divorce are often dissolved through means other than the ones we see on TV. Mediation is the most common method for resolving the differences between spouses. A second, newer method is known as collaborative law.

The primary advantage that mediation affords over litigation is that it allows the spouses themselves to make decisions that would otherwise be made in Court by judges who are strangers to them and to their children. In addition, there is no risk in attempting to mediate divorce issues first because there is no obligation to avoid court if you are unable to reach a satisfactory divorce settlement agreement.

We often recommend mediation with a neutral third party to work out disagreements, particularly when children are involved. We advise clients on legal strategies and recommendations for workable, out-of-court custody and visitation agreements. And to help heal from divorce, we often refer our clients to a network of trusted family counselors.

As attorneys, we also provide independent mediation services, including divorce cases where our firm does not represent either of the parties involved. In those cases, we meet with both parties with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable settlement. We then draft all necessary documentation to conclude the entire divorce action, without the parties ever stepping foot into the courthouse.