California is a community property state. What this means is that all assets acquired during the marriage, including the increased value of assets brought into the marriage, are considered part of the ‘Marital Estate’. It is our unwavering goal to assure that our client receives the maximum possible in the division of the Marital Estate, this is accomplished by our knowledge of the law, skill in identifying assets, and thorough preparation.

At the Law Office of Ruth Lynn Estep, we represent individuals from throughout the Greater Los Angeles areas and provide experienced, specialized legal services related to property division in divorce. We will aggressively identify marital assets to ensure that our client’s property rights are maximized.

The division of marital assets and debts includes:

  1. Business valuations
  2. Division of retirement accounts
  3. Division of pension plans
  4. Division of investment accounts
  5. Real property valuation

As a firm, we retain forensic accountants and other professionals to value pension plans, stocks and stock options, homes and other real estate, and business ownership interests.

Our goal is to identify every possible asset, everything the community undertakes has a value, and we make sure that our client’s portion of the divided assets is maximized by every conceivable theory the law allows