Directly or indirectly, family legal problems affect every area of your life. Having the right attorney can make a huge impact on your case. With more than 15 years experience taking family law cases to court, the Law Office of Ruth Lynn Estep have the ability to produce positive outcomes from difficult problems.

We understand that our clients are going through what is, at best, an emotionally difficult process. You can be sure your inquiry will be met with sincere concern for your family’s welfare. If there is a possibility of reconciliation, we can help you reconcile. If there is no possibility of reconciliation, we can help with the divorce process.

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Divorce can be compared to a risky business transaction; you need to know you can rely on your partner. During the process of divorce, which involves reorganizing the legal, financial, and social relationships between you and your spouse, you can rely on our Los Angeles divorce attorneys to remain focused on your best interests and the welfare of your children.

Your Partners in Family Law

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  1. Family law and litigation is our entire practice. Family law and litigation is all we do – and we have an impressive record of results that demonstrate our capabilities.
  2. Our attorneys act as a team and have extensive family law experience – including a certified family law specialist. Our experience means you will know all your options and you will have a lawyer with the experience to represent you no matter how complicated your case may be. We have more than 15 years of divorce and family law experience.
  3. We have a deep concern for you and your family. Our law firm focuses on family law because we care deeply about families and what happens to them especially in times of change and transition. That concern means your lawyer will have the time and consideration to answer your calls and assist you in accomplishing your goals.
  4. We seek solutions that will stand the test of a lifetime. The choices you make in a prenuptial agreement, in a divorce, in custody arrangements and in property division will affect you for a long time. We help you make the right choices for you. Our best referrals come from people we have helped through challenging family law matters.
  5. We help you find creative solutions. Your family deserves a solution that fits you – it is not one size fits all. Our in-depth knowledge of California family law and our extensive experience in the courtroom means we have an extensive knowledge to draw from in finding solutions that fit you.
  6. We listen. Our lawyers know that your family and your situation are different from anyone else’s. We take the time to listen and get to know you and your objectives. While many firms limit your face time with a lawyer, we never do. We are there when you need us, returning calls and ready to offer counsel.
  7. We fight for you. In a paternity action, a divorce, a custody dispute, a prenuptial agreement or any other family law matter, you need a lawyer who will provide sensitive counsel and, at the same time, fight for your best interests. You need a lawyer who gives you confidence – a lawyer you know you can count on to stand by you. That lawyer is at the Office Of Ruth Lynn Estep.